Why Internal Telephone Systems are the Backbone for a Successful Business

Modern businesses simply can not run without internal telephone systems, or business telephone systems as it is more commonly known.

We have rounded up the crucial information on how to find the best phone system for your business…

What is an Internal Telephone System?

Just as commonly known as a business phone system, internal phone systems refer to any given system which communicated directly to the PBX.

A PBX (private branch exchange) is a telephone system within an enterprise that switches calls between users on local lines whilst allowing all users to share a certain number of external phone lines. An internal phone line is essential to business communication.

Internal calls can be made free of charge within the company – and calls from outside can be transferred and connected to the public switch telephone network.

What are the advantages of a business phone system like this?

Put simply – it is cost effective and highly efficient. But there is a lot more to it than that.

For a start, internal phone systems (and the reason they has become so popular) provide much better communication between employees and offices. Workplaces with various departments need to be in contact with one another sometimes a number of times in the working day – and direct communication is a much more effective and productive way of doing this than, for example, sending emails.

As for cost efficiency – using internal linking and phone extensions saves your business the cost from using the Public Switched Telephone Network. Getting a business phone system installed is not very costly, and long term can cost a fair amount of money for a given business.

An additional beauty of an internal phone system is its sheer flexibility. Most systems allow the easy addition of phone lines for expanding businesses, and changes are made easily with extra features. Voicemail, call recording, conference calling and being able to access calls from a different location all put internal phone systems above a general telephone system.

How can an Internal phone system change the way we do business?

There are a number of companies which already believe that having an internal office phone system is an asset to their business. Voip phone systems are quickly taking over, and even with those, costs are reduced, possibilities are widened and business communication is made easier and more adaptable. But what else can change?

The short answer is the space for business growth and adaptability. Moving from a public phone line to an internal telephone system is easy, and makes way for numerous changes that a company may want to make – especially business growth.

Choosing a Business Phone System

Before you get started with your setup, you’ll need to choose a phone system. As a startup or small business, one dropped call could make the difference between viability and entrepreneurial failure.

Of course, once you have the system you want, and especially if you have a call centre or place which requires a high level of communication, it’s important to ensure you have the best office headsets for your needs.

Derek Anderson, a small business owners from London, told Tech-Mag: “It’s undeniable that we are in an age will perhaps too many communication options. The Internet did that and we are all too familiar with it. That said, nothing will ever beat voiced communication – and internal phone systems are essential to any business which communicates.”