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Make those nuisance sales calls pay


Everyone knows what nuisance calls are and why they annoy you so much, so I’m not going to go on here and patronise you explaining what they are. What I will tell you, quickly and easily is how you can help reduce them quickly and easily by making nuisance callers pay to call you.

Enter the 0871 number!

An 0871 number is a number typically used by some businesses to provide chargeable services such as technical support. Calls to 0871 numbers cost the caller 10p per minute (depending on their subscription).

What you may not know is that 0871 numbers aren’t just available to businesses. Anybody can obtain an 0871 number to use how they wish. It’s as easy as calling a telecom service provider, obtaining your number, then having that number redirected to your number of choice.

Once you have your 0871 chargeable number set-up, it’s as simple as using that going forward whenever you have to fill in a form, or hand over your details whenever you’re dealing with one of those companies you suspect will bombard you with sales calls.

I’ll stress that this isn’t a way to make millions, although some people seem to have gamed the system by deliberately enticing sales calls, but ultimately owning your own 0871 number could go some way to trimming down the amount calls you do receive, with the bonus kicker on top, that those you do receive, you’ll be earning that little bit of extra pocket money on the back of those annoying sales calls!

Didn’t I say that was simple?

Five steps to glory

Step one: Get yourself an 0871 number

Step two: Forward calls from your 0871 to your mobile number.

Step three: Add your own 0871 number to your mobile’s phonebook

Step four: When adding in your details to websites or services that are likely to use your details for sales calls, add in your 0871 number.

Step five: Whenever you receive a nuisance call to your 0871 number now, it will be automatically forwarded to your mobile. Your mobile will ring with your 0871 number displayed as the caller. If you answer that call now, you’ll be earning a percentage of that 10p per minute. “I’ll just put you on hold whilst I go and grab a pen!”


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