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Reverse Link Building In Easy 3 Steps Everyday


The page with a backlink to my clients side has gone. The publication in question seems to gone out of business and therefore my entire example is now invalid. Typical. 🙂 I will update asap with a new example, feel free to ask me any questions via Twitter etc.

Here’s my quick, easy to follow guide on how to reverse link build using mentions:

1) Set up an “alert*” for your business, product, service, or brand
2) Check these every day
3) If you get featured, email them

That is actually all there is to it. I Googled this, and the guides on it are massive, and a bit crazy. This will always be specific to you. Rather than create a boring guide, I’m going to give you a straight up, transparent example:

Winning example #1

  1. I already have alerts set up, one morning I get notified of this article. It wasn’t a surprise, as I had previously spoken to one of the people at the publication. The article mentioned us, but did not link to us.
  2. I fired up my email, and wrote this to the relevant person:
outreachemailexample - Reverse Link Building In Easy 3 Steps Everyday

She replied:

guestpostexample2 - Reverse Link Building In Easy 3 Steps Everyday

Voila! I got a link! Unfortunately, it wasn’t the one I asked for, they just added it to the bottom, but that’s fine, because you should be in the mindset of letting people link however they like.

Example #2 – Even Pros Fail

I get a notification of this article.

Wow. I was using a HARO (Help A Reporter Out) type service AGES ago, and I provided the quote from my client. This isn’t even the publication I was speaking to, so I have no idea how my quote managed to get to this site. Nonetheless, I fired up my emails:

guestpostfail - Reverse Link Building In Easy 3 Steps Everyday

This time, no reply. Maybe I’m better with women than men, I can’t say for sure, however the point I’d like to make here is your success rate isn’t always going to be 100% – and that’s okay. Forget it, move on. I have a million and one things to keep up with, if somebody chooses not to link to me, so be it. Just move on, don’t pester them – it’s annoying, and if they didn’t think your first email was useful, they will certainly bin your next one.

I hope this extremely basic guide was useful. If you have any questions, as always email me, and I will reply. Just remember:

  1. Monitor your web mentions!
  2. Don’t be scared to ask for a link
  3. Don’t pester people more than once, twice at a maximum

*I personally use www.mention.com – it seems better at picking up LTKWs and lesser known brand phrases compared to Google Alerts & the SEMrush ones I use. But I may be wrong about that as I’m basing that just off my experience.


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