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Begin Your Health Kick With Headsets


Do you consider your health as much as you should?

Employers, business owners and staff have a responsibility to ensure that everyone in the workplace is as comfortable and healthy as possible. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how a using a headset instead of a traditional phone system could improve your office life and general health:

Traditional phone cons


Holding a phone to your ear for a long period of time or having to balance a phone on your shoulder whilst you type during a call can lead to bad posture and aches in your neck, back, head and shoulders.

Not adjustable

Using a telephone for hours can cause headaches, among other illness and discomfort, due to muscle aching and pressure; with a limit amount of ways to hold the phone.

Being constrained

Sitting down for the majority of the working day can cause enormous damage to your back and shoulders. Being bound to a chair for such a long amount of time is one of the most common causes of having back problems; a major workplace issue.

Headset pros


Replacing your traditional phone system with a headset not only frees up your hands and enables you to multitask but it will also help to relieve the pain or discomfort of having to hold the phone up to your ear for extended periods of time.


The majority of headsets come with built in ear cushions that protect the ear with soft material ensuring that the user is not in any pain through pressure or overheating around the ear. There are also behind-the-neck models available which allows the user to adjust the position of the headset to their most comfortable preference.


Using a headset instead of a traditional office phone allows you to be able to stand up and walk around the office whilst maintaining high quality calls – with headsets ranging up to a 300 metre distance. Being mobile and active is incredibly important in decreasing bad posture, headaches and back pains; employees should be able to have a break away from their desks and be mobile whilst still having the capacity to fulfil their duties at work.

Employees need to be able to trust that their best interests are taken into consideration if they are to feel happy and comfortable at work.

Of course, comfortable staff will be more productive but the benefits of using a headset goes beyond comfort for the employer. The productivity advantages are obvious and will no doubt help to increase the amount of work completed in any office environment.



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