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Start Thinking About How You Create Content


What is an SEO? Good SERP & Organic traffic results rely on original content, great information, and creative marketing.

Each of those things is a WHOLE bunch of skills all being now utlized by the “SEO” industry, on top of their technical knowledge, this is an extremely broad job to have. Which is exactly why a lot of SEO agencies are structured in a way which segregates this job into lots of different jobs:

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Content Team
    • Writers
    • Editors
    • Graphic Designers
    • Other (Video, Print etc)
  • Outreach Manager
  • Community Manager (Social)
  • SEO Strategist
  • Link Builder (Alert: Controversial)

None of which are called “SEOer” but all contribute to the overall product, which you could label, as SEO.

I work client side at a large UK Telecoms company, I have one staff member. How can I possibly accomplish all of the above (And PPC) with just us 2? If you follow this blog, I hope to show you why working client side is the best job in the world.

So How Do I Create Content Like An SEO Pro?

Stop thinking about keywords. A great SEO will write about topics not keywords – Why? The Google update: Hummingbird, introduced some really interesting updates including Semantic search. This helped take care of “Thin Content” 

An SEO Guy walks into a bar and orders a Beer, Lager, Alcohol, Cold one, Amber Brew…

Google don’t look at keywords. They look at queries a user types in to define what the user wants, then displays the best information they can find for the user.

There is a correlation between titles and ranking still – obviously, but as an SEO you have to look to the future, and semantic search is where its at & where it will be.

Stop creating landing pages. When looking at topics, your looking at groups of keywords, rather than targeting specifics. Lets look at a classic SEO model VS Future

A classic SEO approach using an example of Retro Phones may be to create multiple landing pages to rank for multiple phrases:

  • Retro Style Phones
  • Retro Inspired Phones
  • Retro Decorated Phones
  • Retro Phones UK
  • Retro Phones
  • Vintage Retro Phones

You get the idea. A different approach to this could be to create a singular page for retro phones, create an awesome landing page based on what reason you want to be found for.

Ensure your aim is not too diffuse. If you are selling retro phones, you want to have the products easy to browse, with rich information, ordered in a way which makes it easier for customers to browse your phones.  If want people to find you for another reason such as Retro Phone Reviews, then you need to provide the best retro phone review – its that simple.

You can then retrospectively look at your content, and see how its performing, and for what keywords, and work on improving them by improving the content and ensuring it is as optimised as possible. Master this: Publish, Measure success, improve cycle and your well on the way to being a content marketing pro.

A great commercial example of creating good content is Twiddy.com – they have dedicated a page to “Outer Banks, North Carolina.” – on the one hand, you can see they have created a super specific page aimed at people looking at this exclusive area.

On the other however, you can see its a fantastic resource on the area, it includes:

  • Great design with a video of the area as the header
  • Plenty of in depth information on the area – even including information on what activities are allowed on the beach in the area
  • A huge selection of images to get a feel of the location
  • How to get there
  • Best time to visit
  • Full travel guide
  • A list of 10 things to do, with details, and an additional page on each
  • Information on surrounding towns
  • Vacation advice
  • Most popular content
  • Suggested packing lists….

It goes on and on, the point I’m trying to make is – these guys made the best resource they possibly could for “Outer Banks, North Carolina” – describe what you’re looking for, that’s it, and this is the best resource for that



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