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Three of the Best Corded Phones available today

The best analogue corded phones that will plug into any standard land-line socket.

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Finding a good quality corded telephone for your business or home office need not break the bank. We’ve picked out three of the best telephones here that all plug into a standard BT landline socket and have many of the features a small business or home office worker might need for regular use, whether that’s the Caller ID, Speakerphone, Speed Dial, or the ability to plug in Corded Office Headsets, we’ve got you covered here with three of the very best corded telephones on the market today!

Alcatel Temporis 880 – Corded office phone

Alcatel Temporis 880 - Three of the Best Corded Phones available today

Highly recommended.


Top end of the Alcatel range, the Temporis 880 has all the features of a high-end office, or home office telephone – with built-in speakerphone, RJ11 socket for a headsets, large clear display, visual ring indicators, and with a 170 name & number directory, there’s plenty of storage space for dialing recurring numbers.

Alcatel are part of the Nokia family of companies so they’re no stranger to building a quality, robust handset. Build quality of the phone is superb and the buttons felt good to the touch, we like the design of the Alcatel Temport 880 and have no problem adding it here to our list of three of the best.

Key features

  • 170 name & number directory
  • 10 Direct dial memories – one click
  • 10 ringtones
  • Speakerphone
  • Visual call indicator
  • Call log up to 70 entries
  • Adjustable ringer volume
  • Adjustable headset/handset volume
  • 4 Line Dot Matrix Display – 1 Line of Icons, 3 Lines of Text
  • Wall mountable

Where to by the Alcatel Temporis 880

Buy the Alcatel Temporis 880 from PMC TelecomBEST PRICE£40.00
Buy the Alcatel Temporis 88- from OnBuy  £61.40

Agent 1100 – Corded Telephone – Black

agent1100corded phone - Three of the Best Corded Phones available today

Highly Commended


The Agent 1100 elbows its way into the list here as a real upstart, matching many of the features of the Converse 2300 at almost half the price. Whilst the design isn’t to everyone’s taste, we felt it looked like the control panel of a sci-fi TV show from the 90’s, but then, that’s kina cool to us, so we like it! The build quality is solid, the buttons are tactile and feel substantial and the display is bright and clear.  There’s a handsfree speakerphone here, caller ID and an RJ11 Headset socket, so it ticks all the boxes in terms of main basic features.

Performance is good, sound quality is excellent and the menu system is easy to navigate. There’s no way to label the one touch speed dial buttons, which is a shame, but with only six available, they’re easily remembered.

All in all there’s absolutely nothing to stop us from recommending the Agent 1100, it’s design may not be to everyone’s tastes, but for the price you’re getting one helluva desk phone!

Key features of the Agent 1100:

  • Handsfree Speakerphone
  • Large LCD Display
  • Headset Port (RJ11)
  • Mute Function
  • 4 One Touch Memories and 10 Two Touch Memories
  • 50 Name and Number Directory
  • 8 Ringer Melodies

Where to buy the Agent 1100

Buy the Agent 1100 from PMC TelecomBEST PRICE  £29.16
Buy the Agent 1100 from Teltech communications  £29.75
Buy the Agent 1100 from Amazon£33.00
Buy the Agent 1100 from CorpTel£32.00

ATL Berkshire 420 – Corded Telephone

ATL Berkshire 420 corded phone - Three of the Best Corded Phones available today



The ATL Berkshire line has been popular for years now amongst small and home businesses for their sleek looks and no-nonsense functionality. The latest model is the Berkshire 420 which is as well built and reliable as the models that came before. Sadly, there’s no speakerphone here, but there is an RJ11 port for headsets so that busy phone users who need their hands free have that option. We like the 45-degree angle of the phone as it sits on the desk it’s particularly easy to see and use the buttons. Build quality is solid and the design is un-fussy and modern with all the buttons being well labelled and well-spaced.

The Berkshire 420 is definitely a good looking phone, almost anynmous in its design which we think could actually suit a lot of situations where a phone is needed, but doesn’t need to be front and centre of everything.

  • 10 one touch quick dial memories
  • RJ11 Headset Port
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Desk bracket
  • Wall Mountable

Where to buy the ATL Berkshire 420

Buy the ATL Berkshire 420 from PMC Telecom – BEST PRICE  £37.95
Buy the ATL Berkshire from Rocom £47.80

Office Headsets are compatible with lots of the phones listed here.

Take a look at some of our favourites.

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