Finding the best office phones for your company doesn’t need to be a long and gruelling task. Whether it’s a BT analogue phone, an Avaya IP phone, or a budget reliable phone from ATL, you should be able to track down what’s right for you without it taking up your day.

The standard office phone these days carries a bunch of interesting features and is generally compatible with your system or office headsets – the trick is to read the guides first to be absolutely sure.

Landline - Best Office Phones of 2017 - A Detailed Guide

Best Office Phones with Headsets in 2017 – An Expert Guide


These are the best office phones decided and chosen by tech-mag. They have been chosen because of their quality, cost effectiveness, and durability

Winner: Best IP Office Phone:

Polycom VVX 410

Polycom 410 IP Phone - Best Office Phones of 2017 - A Detailed Guide
Polycom 410 IP Phone

“We chose the Polycom VVX 410 for good reason, it it simply the best office phone on the market as far as IP phones go. It’s enormous mix of features with impressive ease of use make it an ideal choice for business, and you get a very good phone for your money.(Steven – IP Phone Specialist and Tech-Mag Advisor)

Winner: Best Analogue Telephone:

Orchid XL200

Orchid XL220 - Best Office Phones of 2017 - A Detailed Guide
Orchid XL220 Office Phone

“Analogue phones are aplenty and we believe the Orchid XL200 really stands out as good value and high quality. It is a best seller for good reason, and is perfect to suit professional office needs.” (Lucas, Analogue Phone Specialist and Tech-Mag Advisor)


At Tech-Mag, we believe the most efficient way to find the right office phones is to read the buying guides first. Whether you are a small business looking to be kitted out with new phones for the office, or a large call centre searching for the best bundle deals, it’s paramount to have good, well-priced, and reliable office phones that won’t let you down.

Corded Phones for Business

The majority of office phone setups involve corded, analogue phones, as they are standard and well built designs that more than match the needs of an office. Whether you opt for the recognised brands like BT, or the slightly less famous brands like ATL Berkshire, Agent or Orchid, you’ll first need to check that the phones match your requirements and the requirements of your company. Everyone is different – there’s no use investing in an expensive, heavily featured corded phone if your needs are matched better with a cheaper cordless handset.

Here are our picks for the top phones for your office



BT Converse 2300

Phone 2 Converse2300 - Best Office Phones of 2017 - A Detailed Guide
BT Converse 2300

For one of the larger brands this is in fact a very cost effective corded office phone. It’s kitted out with called ID, 10 speed dials (making it a very good choice for a busy working environment like a hotel, restaurant or office) and 100 name & number directory. As you’d expect, the RJ11 socket makes it compatible (and works seamlessly) with most office headsets out there. The best office phones will generally be compatible, but it’s always worth being sure.


  • Caller display
  • Backlit display
  • Contrast control
  • Call timer
  • Clock
  • Calendar
  • Caller ID
  • BT MeetMe menu (service short-cuts)
  • BT services menu (Call Divert, Call wait etc.)
  • 50 no. call log
  • 100 name & no. directory
  • 10 last no. redial
  • 10 one touch memory buttons
  • Headset socket – RJ11
  • Handset volume control
  • Earpiece volume control
  • Handsfree Speakerphone
  • Ringer volume control
  • Visual ring indicator
  • Message waiting indicator
  • PBX compatible
  • PBX access code
  • Energy efficient “Switch Mode” power supply
  • Wall Mountable
PMC Telecom£47.99
The Headset Company£56.39

Find the BT Converse 2300 here

Avaya 1608 IP Telephone

Phone 3 Avaya 1608 - Best Office Phones of 2017 - A Detailed Guide
Avaya 1608 IP Office Telephone

If you are one of the many people switching (or considering the switch) to an IP telephone system, this may be one of the best office phones for you. This model was designed with the “modern, everyday business user” in mind – from call centres, offices, busy reception areas to meeting rooms and conferences, it’s a well-designed desk phone for business use.

It may come as no surprise that it can be used with the Avaya IP softphone, but it also fairly compatible and can be used with more or less whatever you choose.


  • LCD grey backlit display: 3 lines x 24 characters
  • Designed for the ‘Everyday’ user profile
  • A context-sensitive user interface
  • 8 line appearances/feature keys
  • Each line key includes dual LEDs (red, green) for easy status monitoring
  • 3 three soft keys
  • 4-way navigation cluster for scrolling through contact lists or call logs
PMC Telecom£54.00

Find the Avaya 1608 IP Office Telephone here

Doro AUB 200

Doro AUB 200 Office Telephone - Best Office Phones of 2017 - A Detailed Guide
Doro AUB 200 Office Telephone

The Doro AUB 200 is one of the more basic models but has been winning at popularity, due to its simplicity and durability as an office telephone. With its direct and indirect memory function, it works very well indeed in an office. It also comes with a headset connector with line button and a computer/fax connector, is wall mountable and has no problems at all with headset compatibility (RJ11). Find a good reseller like PMC Telecom in Manchester, for example, and you can pick up the Doro AUB 200 for under £20.


  • Name and number memories 10
  • Headset socket (RJ11)
  • Data port
  • Wall mountable
  • Redial button
  • Mute Button
  • Available in Black and White
PMC Telecom£18.71

Find the Doro AUB 200 telephone here

Orchid XL200

Orchid XL220 - Best Office Phones of 2017 - A Detailed Guide
Orchid XL220 Office Phone

Orchid is a recommended brand for office phones in general, and this one is one of the more desired options. This is a stylish feature phone which is notably easy to use, and it works effortlessly with direct and multi line setups. It’s even quite an ideal design for conference calls, and you can see quite easily that it has been designed with business use in mind. It’s wall mountable and has a decent LCD screen , and is flawless in its design when it comes to matching headsets.


  • Line powered, no batteries or mains power needed
  • Unique specific caller ID auto answer
  • Full duplex hands-free speakerphone
  • RJ11 headset port
  • Wall mountable
PMC Telecom£31.99
One Direct£35.99

Find the Orchid XL220 Office Feature Phone here


Agent 1100 Corded Telephone

If you are looking for a long-lasting, useful office phone that doesn’t cost the world, Agent is likely the way to go. The Agent 1100 corded telephone is a CLI phone (caller line identification) with a handy, backlit LCD display and 16 digit/character display.

It sports all the key features you would expect for a standard office phone and is noted largely for its large LCD display, including a clear call waiting notification and mute function.

The RJ11 port is guaranteed, making the search for compatible office headset easier.


  • Call Waiting
  • LSD Display with 16-digital and 16 character
  • 4 one touch memories and 10 two touch memories
  • 50 Name and number directory
  • 8 Ringer melodies
  • Do not disturb function
  • 5 levels of LCD contrast can be set
  • Mute function
  • Recall, pause and redial function
  • Speakerphone
  • Call duration
  • 4 ringer levels and hands free volume control
  • 3 levels of headset volume control
  • LCD back light function
  • New and MSG waiting LED indicator
  • Headset Port (RJ11)
PMC Telecom£29.16
One Direct£38.39

Find the Agent 1100 office telephone here

BT Paragon 650

BT Paragon 650 Office Phone - Best Office Phones of 2017 - A Detailed Guide
BT Paragon 650 office phone

The BT Paragon 650 is a well made corded telephone with answering machine, which is known as an office phone best seller. The digital answering machine has up to 32 minutes recording time, with pre-recorded male or female outgoing messages (OGMs). As you’d expect with one of the best office phones, and as you’d expect from a brand like BT, it’s hearing aid compatible too. RJ11 port makes the search for office headsets a stress-free task.


  • Name & number directory – 200
  • Calls list (incoming) – 50 numbers
  • Digital answering machine – up to 32 minutes recording time
  • Pre-recorded male / female answer only and answer record outgoing messages (OGMs)
  • Ability to record your own OGM
  • Memo facility
  • Remote Access
  • Private playback via handset
  • Mains supply (PSU)
  • Call indicator light (red LED)
  • Message indicator light (green LED)
  • Clock with call timer function
  • Dedicated BT select services button
  • LCD display – 4 line backlit inverse
  • LCD contrast control
  • Hands free
  • PBX compatible with meridian options
  • Ringer volume control including ‘off’
  • Secrecy
  • Text messaging (network limitations apply)
  • Speaker volume control
  • Touch tone dialling
  • Access code (for use with ‘redial’)
  • Calculator, calendar and alarm
  • Incoming speech volume control

Find the BT Paragon 650 office phone here

Polycom VVX 410 IP Phone

Polycom 410 IP Phone - Best Office Phones of 2017 - A Detailed Guide
Polycom 410 IP Phone

The entire Polycom VVX 400 series are top end, extremely well made IP telephones, and the 410 is a particularly good model. There is now a Skype for Business edition, with numerous purpose-designed features for business and office use. The Polycom VVX 410 has unrivalled voice clarity, complete with a WebKit based browser and a crystal clear, colourful LCD display screen to help you navigate. As far as IP phones go, this is most certainly one of the best on the market, and you can pick them up for around £200 if you shop wisely with a good re-seller.


  • Multilingual user interface including Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English (Canada/ US/UK), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish and Swedish
  • Backlit 3.5 in color LCD (320 x 240) resolution
  • Adjustable base height
  • Single USB port (2.0 compliant) for media and storage applications
  • 12 lines (programmable line keys)
  • Shared call/bridged line appearance
  • Supports compatible USB headset
  • Called, calling, connected party information
  • Local 3-way audio conferencing
  • 1-touch speed dial, redial
  • Remote missed call notification
  • Do not disturb function

Find the Polycom VVX 410 IP Phone here

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