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Facebook Messenger To Add Ads?


A leaked document from Facebook suggests that it may be launching targeted ads on its Messenger platform later on this year.

There has been a lot of panic and discussion among the tech bloggers regarding this potential move by Facebook.

Let’s break it down:

The initiative hasn’t launched yet and perhaps may never if users are vocal enough in their disdain for it. Though Facebook, like Twitter, often ignores the opinions of its users and goes ahead with changes regardless.

If it does go ahead you won’t be constantly spammed by adverts when using messenger. You will only be sent an ad if you initiate a conversation with a business or brand. For example, if you message a business on Facebook regarding a recent order with them then they will be able to message you with ads and promotions in the future.

Facebook want to be become the primary platform for customers to message businesses for instant help which in theory is a great way to ensure users receive a quick response. However, with Messenger ads, you’ll be forced to receive ads with no word from Facebook on the limit of ads they can send or for how long after you initiate the conversation.

Businesses will be able to create URLs for customers to click in order to initiate a Messenger chat as an alternative to the ‘live chat’ option they may have on their site – though surely businesses would rather keep traffic on their website?

There’s no comment from Facebook as to whether ads can be disabled so it looks as though this instant method of contacting a business may come at a small price.

Mobile ads are something that we may have to come to terms with as marketing moves forward with the digital age.

For now, we wait.