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How to get cheap Amazon deals without shopping on Amazon

We talk about how it's possible to get some of the cheap deals you see on Amazon without actually shopping on Amazon. Help further suport smaller more independent businesses and get those goods at the cheap price you saw listed on
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The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Business Telephone Systems

We take a deep dive into the complex world of telephone systems and look at what your options are in terms of chosing the right package for your business.
Paswrod encryption

Why do I need a password manager?

If you’re not using a password manager already I’m going to try here and explain why you absolutely should be, because one of the...

Noise Cancelling Headphones 2020 | Tried, Tested, Reviewed.

Our ultimate guide to the top noise cancelling headphones and headsets. Tech-Mag reports on the best noise cancelling headphones for 2018. We tested around 100...
Playstation 5

Playstation 5 Hardware Reveal Presentation

Last night the Playstation 5 was announced online via a simultaneous grand online streamed event on YouTube & Twitch. So what new information did we learn? Sony announced a whole bunch of games! The presentation started with a rerun of some of the PS4’s greatest hits, before focusing on a longer cut of Grand Theft Auto 5, which did seem a little unusual, until it was announced that every Playstation 5 owner will receive a free copy of the game to play on their new console. Not a bad offer, and as an aside, quite extraordinary for a game to straddle three console generations, if you remember GTA5 was a PS3 title originally, before being upgraded for the PS4. It’ll definitely be interesting to see what extra polish will be applied for PS5 owners.

Top Tips on Working From Home – Make Sure You’re Prepared

The coronavirus pandemic is dominating the news right now, and it is not known how long it will take to get it under control. What is known is that the Government will, in the near future, implement plans that will mean many people will need to work from home. ‘Social distancing’ is seen as the best way to stem the spread of the virus. If you’re not familiar with working from home, or are concerned about how to do so efficiently, we have put together a few tips below that should help, and our first one is this – don’t worry, you can only do your best!

One simple idea to speed up slow internet connections

We take a look at why investing in a better router might just help you speed up your internect connection in the home or office.
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Microsoft Teams for Business: Advantages and Disadvantages

Microsoft Teams is a hot topic in the realm of Off 365 adoption. Everybody wants to know about the advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft...

The importance of encouraging women into Salesforce roles

According to the 2018 Tech Nation report, only 19% of the digital tech workforce in the UK are female. This percentage can shrink even...

The Rise of AI: Exponential growth

AI on the rise. The rate at which it can improve is absolutely staggering. Good or bad news for humanity? Introducing The Worlds Most Advanced (yet unimpressive)...